Humankind will soon take leap into the future by colonizing Mars
Are you still using stone age style investment tools?
Have your methods of investing evolved enough?


Percentage of population that directly or indirectly invests in shares

USA (52%)




CHINA (18%)




INDIA (2%)

► As you can see in the representation above, in India only 2% population is investing in the equity market. Out of these, more than 25% are new investors who have joined in last one year or so. Thus, the value unlocking potential in India with regards to the equity market is huge.
► In next 5-10 years, we estimate minimum 5-7% population of the country will start investing in stocks. More money invested will bring more money from FIIs.
► With pro manufacturing push given by the government and lots of companies moving from China to India, potential of growth is immense.

Calculation Table
FD vs Equity Calculator


31st May 2021 - 15582.8
31st May 2016 - 8160.1
Nifty CAGR - 0.1381251048

Note: Nifty was 8160.1 on 31st May
2016 on 31st May 2021 it is 15582.8
CAGR of Nifty based on these numbers
is 13.81% Considering Dividend pay at
a modest 1.25 and adding it to CAGR
for estimation of return on investment
we consider returns of 15.06%.


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'Technicals' are tools used for evaluating emotions of all investors in a particular stock or index through various scientific tools. Although speculative in nature but very specific.

Vishal Baliya (Co-founder)

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